No pictures, just words

As the title suggests, I’m just waffling on about projects today. My dance card is filling pretty swiftly in terms of new and on-going projects. So far we have:

1. Finishing a red dreadlock headband-thing (shush, it’s too early in the morning for real words.)
2. Knitting myself a black woolly beanie. I walked to the post office to pick up a parcel – a box full of lego – today, and realised that my current trausty hat actually falls off my head now I have a bunch of long hair under it. And since a black beanie with just a smidge of hair peeking out the front is the headwear du jour for a Wellington winter I guess I have another project.
3. Making a wrap dress for a friend who’s having surgery in three weeks. She just had the date set and she’s asked if I can make a dress for her, as she’ll be limited in terms of movement for the first week or so.
4. Patching holes in the crotch of all my jeans. Because my thighs rub together when I walk and eventually destroy all my pants. Woe.
5. Building a lego fort. Not crafty, really, but still awesome.
6. Making a black and white quilt in a herringbone pattern.
7 Working out what kind of pattern I’m going to use for my little brother’s Christmas quilt.