Adding another WIP to the pile.

Oops. It has been another Very Long Time since I updated. I am about to embark on a new quilt top project, but this one will be very simple. I got a collection of Amy Butler prints from Hawthorne Threads for my birthday back in October and told myself I wouldn’t cut in to them until after my exams (in November.) Well my exams are done now, and tonight is super simple quilt top night, as decreed by me, chief sewer in the house. I’m hoping to whip this (WIP this? Hahaha, I’m here all week, try the veal!) all together tonight and maybe even start the quilting tomorrow. My last WIP is on standby (the cathedral window quilt) because I ran out of batting. It’s around halfway done, though and maybe I can finish it up in time to be a Christmas present. It deserves some new photos, at any rate. The inspiration for tonight’s quilt is this beauty. I love rainbows and big patterns and getting things done quickly because I am impatient. Ideal. See you in a few hours, blog.

Catch Up

Naughty Megan, no updates for a couple of weeks! I have been working on things, but in bits and pieces and nothing worth posting. Last night I was a whirl of productivity though so I should have something to show you all soon.

The last week I’ve been hand sewing grommets onto the corset I’m making which to be honest hasn’t been that exciting. I’ve mostly been sitting cross legged on my bed watching a terrible TV program while I sew blanket stitch ad nauseum. I would have used regular grommets but half of my hand setting die has gone wandering, argh.

Plus all my rhinestones arrived yesterday so I think I might spend some of today bedazzling everything I can get my hands on. Awww yeeeeah. More later lovies.

ETA: I am super super excited for the book Gertie is writing, particularly because it’ll have this gorgeous wiggle dress pattern in it. Can’t wait!