Photos! To make up for this morning’s text only post. I was as good as my word(s) though and finished off the corset. Here’s an aerial view.

Plus some close ups of the crystals. They’re Swarovski hot fix in ‘crystal volcano’ and they change from red to purple to green to gold. Looooovely. Even if my sister has accused me of ‘going all pageant mum’ with my recent fondness for sparkle. (To be honest, I’m beginning to doubt her commitment to sparkle motion…)

Soundtrack while I was applying the crystals was a bit more pop than my usual. The last week I’ve been playing Patrick Stump’s solo releases high rotate. I’ve particularly fond of Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia). Go listen to that and imagine me dancing to it at bus stops all week and awkwardly stopping when someone else walks along the street. I decided that you can’t bedazzle things while listening to Anthrax, so my entire afternoon has been songs I can shake my ass too.

Back to the corset though, here’s a view of the hand bound eyelets I mentioned. I considered going over with a second layer of thread to hide the brass totally, but decided I sort of like it being visible.

And the contrast lining:

Hopefully I can put up a picture of my sister wearing it when I give it to her in a fortnight’s time.

I also got a bit more done on the quilt-in-progress I’m working on. I ran out of thread, otherwise I’d have gotten a bit more sewn up tonight.

I’m kind of loving how quickly the herringbone pattern comes together. I reckon I can probably knock out the whole thing in a few hours of solid sewing. (Except it won’t be happening tomorrow because, as I discovered a few weeks back, buying thread in Wellington on a Sunday? Not A Thing.

Catch Up

Naughty Megan, no updates for a couple of weeks! I have been working on things, but in bits and pieces and nothing worth posting. Last night I was a whirl of productivity though so I should have something to show you all soon.

The last week I’ve been hand sewing grommets onto the corset I’m making which to be honest hasn’t been that exciting. I’ve mostly been sitting cross legged on my bed watching a terrible TV program while I sew blanket stitch ad nauseum. I would have used regular grommets but half of my hand setting die has gone wandering, argh.

Plus all my rhinestones arrived yesterday so I think I might spend some of today bedazzling everything I can get my hands on. Awww yeeeeah. More later lovies.

ETA: I am super super excited for the book Gertie is writing, particularly because it’ll have this gorgeous wiggle dress pattern in it. Can’t wait!