Finished Post and Rail Baby Quilt.

I finished up the post and rail quilt I mentioned in my previous post last night. Have a stack of photos:

A better view of the backing fabric

Pinning the layers together in preparation for quilting (in my itsy bitsy lounge):

This is the first time I’ve had to piece batting for a quilt (the shop near my work had a tiny bit of woollen/cotton blend batting left when I went in). It’s the first time I’ve used woollen batting before, and the lanolin smell reminded me of my mother’s neglected spinning wheel from when I was a kid and of the sheep our neighbour used to herd across our driveway.

I’m really happy with how the finished product came out:

All prettied up with a bow:

As for my other projects on the go, I think I’m going to use the spare batting I have kicking around to fiiiinally get more of the cathederal window quilt underway. It’s probably about half done now, so I think another couple of weekend’s work will knock it out.

I also sort of threw in the towel with trying to hand quilt the entire rainbow quilt. I’ve had it sitting on my boyfriend’s bed for the last month, and I’ve done bits and pieces of quilting whenever I went over but after seeing how quickly the baby quilt came together with machine quilting I decided to finish it off on machine this afternoon. It’s a bit less than ideal trying to snuggle into a quilt covered in safety pins, and the colours (surprisingly) work well with the lime/purple colour scheme of his walls.

As you can see, my sewing table is very small and the quilt is very big. It’s been quite pleasant having it draped across me while I work though, as Wellington has decided to sleet on everything.

Naturally when it came time to attach the binding George was committed to being a jerk helping

Finished photos due soon, when the quilt is actually finished (and when it’s on a bed since my lounge is too tiny for a proper photo.) Of course, if the quilt lives at Bernie’s house I’ll need to make another one for my bed – I happened across some really richly coloured bedspreads from Urban Outfitters the other day, so now I’m thinking maybe a sea of greens or reds and oranges for my next full size quilt.