In which I talk about food and am indecisive.

Today was generally good, with a side of oh-no-the-supermarket-closed-early-because-it’s-a-holiday followed by a delicious student cuisine dinner of sub-$1 noodles which I suspect I have hauled from flat to flat for the last three years. They were marinating in so much MSG I don’t think it matters – they also came with a packet of sauce featuring such fabulous flavour sensations as VINEGAR and SALT. Not really the topic of this blog, but my deep disappointment that I couldn’t buy the ingredients for the mini-feast I had been planning for the last two hours of work needed venting somewhere.

I also got some sewing done tonight: I attached the binding to the top of the corset and played around with what I’ll do next. My sister mentioned she wants ruffles, and I was sort of envisioning ruffles over the bust, but I’m not sure how to do it and make it look good. I think maybe because the dupioni won’t hold a crease it isn’t looking as clean as I’d like. Here’s a comparison picture, anyway:

I’m also sort of considering lace:

But I’ve also got my little sparkle loving self invested in the idea of putting rhinestones on it and I feel like lace + rhinestones will be too much. Oh dear. Don’t worry, I’m really just wittering to myself here. I’ll probably pin the lace on soon to get a real idea of how it’ll look.

Anyway. There’s not a lot more I can do without the boning and busk (or embroidery cotton for the eyelets – I think I’m going to hand sew them, because I hate fun and enjoy sewing blanket stitches for 10 hours.) Instead I used some of the fabric I cut for bone casings and didn’t use to test a slightly different method of sewing herringbone blocks. I think I like this better:

Seeing it like that really makes me want to get a single fabric and sewing a sort of not-really-wholecloth quilt. Basically piece and sew an entire herringbone quilt of one fabric. Maybe this only sounds good in my head. I’m pretty stuck on it though, possibly a really chunky pattern? Maybe one of my next projects.

I also started piecing a block with the actual fabrics, but there are a couple of fat quarters still to arrive in the mail and I want to hold off adding much more so the various cottons are evenly spread. I like how it’s looking though:


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