Minor Updates

Just a quick update on where my various projects are at. The corset is progressing well – I cut the lining yesterday:

And then sewed together the outer and inner pieces. I started off making external boning channels and swiftly reaslised that was quite a lot of work, and wasn’t going to look very tidy given I prefer using 1/2″ bones. So I moved to twill tape internal channels and sewed them all today.

(For reference – this has the lining folded out from the back – the curve in the top right of the image is the centre front of one half of the corset.)

Then I attached the lining to the outer, and turned and sewed the hem so that there’s room for a 1/4″ bone just before the grommets.

Speaking of, I lost half the die for my hand held grommet setter 🙁 Boo. Not sure if the dies sold online are compatible, bother. I’m thinking of hand sewing the eyelets though, to make it tidier, but again, not sure if dooming myself to several hours of hand sewing is such a good idea. Hmm. Something to ponder.

The next step from here is attaching the binding to the top and bottom and inserting the bones and busk. The only fly in the ointment is that I still have to *order* bones and busk when my next pay cheque comes in, so that might be a couple of weeks off.

In the mean time I’ve been busily cutting strips from the quilting fabric, so once I’ve done all I can on the corset without further supplies I’ll start work on that to keep me busy.

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