Finished quilt!

I spent this afternoon looking for somewhere which was still open and selling thread at 4pm on a Sunday. More difficult than anticipated. I also curled up in a secondhand bookstore and flicked through a quilting book, then found instructions on how to make a single-patch cathederal window variation (they called it ‘secret garden’).

I had a go at it this evening, and this is the result:

It’s got batting inside too, and so it’ll be a pretty functional potholder as well as being pretty. I put it up on Etsy too, the first thing I’ve listed. Woo!

I also finished off the baby quilt.

I’m happy with it, actually. So much so that I almost don’t want to surrender it to the intended recipient, haha. I’ve also go big plans for my next couple of projects. It’s a toss up between a cathederal window quilt for my brother, a quilt with some curved seams which I’d like to try my hand at and a block which almost certainly has a name that I’m too lazy to try and chase down. We’ll see which one wins out.

(Unrelated but does anyone else find that Blogger’s photo upload tool is outrageously finicky and unhelpful?)

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