Baby Quilt Part II

I worked a bit more on the baby quilt tonight. It’s almost finished, in fact. I finished off the quilting and started the binding then ran out of thread. Best laid plans and that, you know how it is. I also managed to pre-wash a bunch more fabric, which I’m stoked about because it means I can start more projects tomorrow.

I’m awfully good at beginning new endeavours with a burst of energy and then totally failing to follow through though, so we’ll see how this progresses. I admit it was a bit of a thrill seeing the whole quilt come together with the binding though, so hopefully I’ll keep this up. I’ve got plans for at least four more quilts already, so obviously I’ve got the bug.

I figured I’d give a bit of a pictorial update too, but none of the whole quilt till it’s finished.

Here’s how my machine is set up in the middle of my lounge:

Yep, that’s a side table and a drum stool. Drum kit not pictured.

After my grandma died I inherited two necklaces, her collection of stuffed animal patterns and her pin tin. She died of lung cancer and her pin tin is a cigerette tin (The Cigarette for Connoisseurs: the Boardroom Cigarette, in case you’re curious.) Joan was an amazing lady and I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate the irony of the tin.

While I was sewing the binding by hand I was listening to this:

It’s by a local band called Entrails. I’ve been enjoying it since it landed in my mailbox about a week ago, but your mileage may vary depending on how you feel about bands with song titles like ‘Pustulating Lesions’.

But yeah, in the interest of adding some bullet points to this meandering post, here are some things I’ve learned while sewing this quilt:

-I am in fact most productive between the hours of midnight and 2am.
-Hand sewing is more relaxing than I recalled.
-It fucks up my back and neck something wicked though.
-This is ok because I made a wheat heat bag out of some of the leftover green cotton in the quilt.

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